Braganza is a privately held investment company based in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and Spain. Braganza is owned by Per G. Braathen and his immediate family.

For many years, Braganza owned Braathens (SAFE) airline. Investments in the airline industry, tourism, leisure and distribution of tourism products account for the majority of our current investment portfolio. BRA - Braathens Regional Airlines, Kristiansand Dyrepark AS and Ticket Travel Group AB are the company’s largest single investments. A greater proportion of our industrial business in now located in Sweden.
We aim to create value by being an active, long term and demanding owner of our core portfolio companies. We prefer to have a controlling ownership influence in these businesses and we take our ownership responsibility seriously.
Braganza also has a portfolio of investments of a more financial nature. In accordance with our strategy, we maintain substantial cash reserves. In general, we do not invest in companies at the seed or venture capital stage or in fund units or similar structures.